Abuse of Usenet: The Woodside Literary Agency Ad

This is the first known ad posted by James Leonard in misc.writing. The phone number has been obscured so that this web site does not serve as a repository for the ad. Other than that, the ad is as it appeared in January of 1996.

From: CFSQ98A@prodigy.com (James Leonard)
Date: 1996/01/24
Message-Id: <<4e4ktr$2c02@useneta1.news.prodigy.com>
Distribution: world
Organization: Prodigy Services Company 1-800-PRODIGY
Newsgroups: rec.arts.books.childrens

The Woodside Literary Agency is now accepting new authors, re: fiction and non fiction: children's books. Advances from publishers can be high. You must have a completed manuscript. We have offices from New York to Florida. Email for information: CFSQ98A@prodigy.com. If you respond during the month of February, call my new Florida agency at: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

I will be there in February.


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