by I.J. HudsonUpdated Sun. 4/13/1997

Topics in this issue include -

  • The Y2K tab expected to skyrocket
  • A little bike to the lowest elevation on Earth
  • Time to get wiring again - the schools need our help
  • a help-fund for an internet victim.
  • plus - I.J. links.

Less than a thousand days away - -2000

Remember our story on the year 2000 computer problem? The government estimate to fix it's problem was about $2.3 Billion. Guess, what! Federal Sources, Inc. now puts that figure at $5.6 Billion. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. FSI says it surveyed 24 federl agencies working on the year 2000 problem. The study says there is a positive side to Y2K - the government will have to clean out a lot of obsolete hardare and software. Most agencies, according to FSI, are in the assessment phase of solving the y2k problem.

And some lawyers are saying Y2K is going to be a legal bonana, when some small microprocessor's clock doesn't get the date right. An example cited in TechWeb recently said that if a city had not replaced a 286 chip that controlled some valves, raw sewage would have been dumped into a local bay...on January 1, 2000.

How about a little trip to the deepest part of the Earth...the Dead Sea.Well, Discovery online is taking you there through its tested traveller. Jim Malusa's bike is fully loaded with stuff to survive both the elements and the internet.

You think your bike is loaded!!

The page on Discovery Online is full of information, maps, sights along the way, and a litany of the 'tough' gear being used. I'd buy a laptop that survived these conditions...wouldn't you? Jim is using a digital camera, a satellite phone and laptop to gather, edit and transmit images back to Discovery. It makes a neat project for a classroom. Topics covered by experts who will be online include Geology and politics. See what you can discover.

NETDAY TIME AGAIN - volunteers needed. APRIL 19th is the big day.

Check out the website to see which schools need help or call 202-628-8324.

This is a continuation of the national effort to wire schools to the internet. Maryland wired a bunch last time, as did Virginia and the District. But volunteers of all skill levels are needed to keep at it until we're done.

You may recall a story I did recently about Jayne Hitchcock, a Crofton, MD author who sued a New York Company alleging sexual Harrassment over the internet. Not much news on the story..other than subpoenas have been served, and the story had spread to some of the national media. Also, there's a HELP fund for Jayne's legal expenses...check it out.

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