whoaprez Letter from Bookmark Literary Agency

The whoaprez received a contribution and supportive letter from a New York literary agency called Bookmark. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised:

    May 25, 1999 
    Ms. Jayne Hitchcock 
    HELP Fund 
    P.O. Box 696 
    Dover, NH 03820-0696
    Dear Ms. Hitchcock:
    It was with great dismay that I discovered your run-in with the Woodside Literary Agency.
 I am starting out on my own as a literary agent after a career in other aspects of
 publishing, including many years as an editor. That unprincipled individuals would take
 advantage of aspiring writers strikes a deep chord with me. I know how much work writing is.
 To defraud those who pour heart and soul onto the page is cruel as well as criminal. 

    In addition, the fact that you have exposed criminals and worked to change the law so
 that they and others like them are deterred from duping the unsuspecting is admirable,
 especially in view of the fact that you have suffered a tremendous amount of harassment
 simply to assert your own rights and protect those of others. 

    Please know that I endorse your efforts. To demonstrate this support, I enclose a
 contribution toward your legal fees. I hope that justice is served and you triumph. I also
 am willing to assist you in any other way that I can. I will certainly spread the word to
 friends and neighbors that charlatans live among us. Hopefully, this effort will be enough
 to create an uncomfortable atmosphere for those who perpetrated the fraud and harassment. 

    To further demonstrate my support, I invite you to submit your manuscript to my agency
 for representation. Rest assured that I do not charge any fees; on the contrary, this may be
 the only invitation from a literary agent that comes with a check for the author.

    I wish you good luck with your legal case and much success with your writing. 



    Bookmark Literary Agency
    Liz DeFranco, Agent
    481 8th Avenue, #L-12
    New York, NY  10001

Ms. DeFranco has graciously allowed us to post her contact information and encourages pre-published authors to contact her. She does deal primarily with law enforcement/police/military topics, but will consider other proposals from any authors.

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