Eventemp Decision

From: "Rich Hilgersom" 
Newsgroups: news.admin.net-abuse.email
Subject: All NANAE please read (Eventemp closure!)
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 10:08:53 -0800

Hello all,

Thanks to all who have helped in this situation. There were some hard times to go through but it has concluded well. Through an agent of the Eventemp Corporation we have worked out an understanding and I am certain they are clear on how to behave on the Internet.

To all the NANAE folk who have mirrored my webpage... I am in your debt. It made all the difference to people researching Eventemp to run into that wall of search engine hits ;-). It is now time to give the Eventemp Corporation some peace on the Internet to allow them to thrive or crash and burn on their own. I would like to ask that all of the mirror pages and other references to the Eventemp Corporation be removed. The Dejanews archive will still show the full story of what went on so I think that keeping the web references up is unduly harsh for a repentant spamming company.

As always you should verify posts as this. As I have met J.D. Falk he can verify my identity. If you have sent me Email in the past I probably still have it somewhere, if you kept the same archives we can get a match. I can also meet with people in the South Bay Area in California.

The check mentioned below passed through my hands today and should reach Jayne tomorrow. For the record the amount was $500. Extra points for knowing which Jayne I am referring to. ;-)

Give me some time to reply to direct Email. Its a long story..

-Rich Hilgersom

Here is the Eventemp "NANAE" release - Unedited for content but spell checked somewhat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Attention Eventemp Watchers!!

The following is the final statement and conclusive ending to all concerns on the behalf of Eventemp and Mr. Richard Hilgersom.

On behalf of Mr. Hilgersom and resolution to his efforts to expose unlawful practice, Eventemp has come to resolve the issues put forth on the Internet by Mr. Hilgersom and the following duplication of his posting. Mr. Hilgersom at this time and posting date has deemed Eventemp a fair and legal effort that may resume good and proper business practice. Eventemp has suffered financially by the lack of normal trading of a small cap company and needs desperately to return to the potential side of interest on the merit of the product. Mr. Hilgersom wishes to recommend that you trust your own investment knowledge on Eventemp and it's product, based on current behavior and information available. Assuming it possible, Eventemp will re-establish credible existence for worthy trade from this date forward. At this time Mr. Hilgersom has agreed to participate in the conclusion of, and removal of, his postings. Therefore return Eventemp to good standing within the trading public. However much, that can not be removed, should be considered as a resolved matter as of This Notice and not applicable to current standings of Eventemp.

The Eventemp Corporation understands that the Internet is for everyone's use and it is committed to stopping harassment on the Internet. The Eventemp Corporation has made a donation to the Jayne Hitchcock H.E.L.P. Fund, a widely known case that can be referenced at:


If you have followed this story and wish to read on I have completely compiled the events that transpired.

Eventemp is the creation of Brad Schroeder of Scottsdale, Arizona. He, as so many have, has invented a product for automobiles that pre-heats or cools the interior of the automobile by the calling of a paging device, without starting the automobile's engine. After two and a half years of securing a patent and potential product for sale, Brad Schroeder and the staff of Eventemp implemented part of the Companies strategy to expose the product. One method selected was a web page site, formerly located at Eventemp.com., with a simple web layout. This was contracted to a private individual and completed. The principals of Eventemp are near computer illiterate. At this same or approximate time Eventemp signed an agreement with Sloane-Fitzgerald Inc., (a marketing company) , for promotion. Sloane-Fitzgerald authorized unlawful bulk advertisement that was sent in many directions to many people through the Internet email media. As the sending of bulk advertisement is unlawful in some states, and legal in others, the information, as with all advertising, must conform to legal means of all governing bodies that are affected. The content of these news emails illegally stated numerical values for potential gain. Mr. Richard Hilgersom (a citizen) received these emails and responded to the" to good to be true language" engaged by content of the news releases. Mr. Hilgersom followed with a call to the governing bodies to alert them to the possible criminal activity. While following up Mr. Hilgersom encountered several alarming responses on behalf of Eventemp and Sloan-Fitzgerald. Unknown to Eventemp of the spamming practice, Eventemp was perplexed by the initial feed back resulting from Mr. Hilgersom's web page. The response, to Mr. Hilgersom, was two separate sources that created an even greater level of concern. The initial response to Mr. Hilgersom was generated by Sloan-Fitzgerald and an attempt of thuggery by those within the confines of the terminals that posted the emails and news flashes. Including an ignorant death threat to the parents of Mr. Hilgersom. I am amazed at the ability of the author of the death threat to find such personal information. This person has been identified through posting records.

Without the knowledge of being computer engaged, the people of Eventemp never really understood, until too late, the magnitude of what was transpiring on the Internet. Because Eventemp has many shareholders that are local, pressure was applied to remedy what everyone who is computer engaged was seeing as a direct link to the lack of funds available as result of slowed trading. Eventemp's response was illiterate in approach due to the lack of exposure to the intricacies of the Internet and what Mr. Hilgersom represented. Eventemp was never on the same landscape with Mr. Hilgersom and failed to resolve the appearance of their behavior with proper guidance in a timely manner.

Sloane-Fitzgerald was investigated and without admitting guilt, paid a $15,000 dollar fine as a result and is not affiliated with Eventemp. Although an agent of Sloane-Fitzgerald does hold shares as a result of compensation for services rendered in initial agreement with Eventemp. The content of approximately 4 months of intense Internet postings against Eventemp, has embedded itself deep within the information gatherings of the Internet and has repelled would be stock investors. This has choked the company's implementation of plans. With all concerned, Mr. Hilgersom has been engaged by a shareholder in Eventemp, Keith R. Wilson. Also a personal friend of Brad Schroeder. On behalf of the shareholders of Eventemp, Mr Wilson has sought out proper counsel and direction at his expense to seek remedy to Mr. Hilgersom's final concerns with Eventemp. Without hesitation Mr. Hilgersom has agreed to the remedies sought by Mr. Wilson and has proven to be very cordial in resolution. In this agreement Mr. Hilgersom has approved the removal of his web posting and to continue with various means of retracting what can be removed. This will be evidenced by the changing search listings and possible reposting of Eventemp's Original Web Page. On behalf of Eventemp and it's shareholders I would like to thank Mr. Hilgersom for his efforts of being a good citizen, for I believe he has saved Eventemp from further and more costly repercussions, due to it's association with Sloane-Fitzgerald.

This document has been authored in the third party context by Mr. Keih R. Wilson (Shareholder) under guidance of Mr. Hilgersom.

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