Abuse of Usenet: The Woodside Literary Agency
"Kiki Rothschild's" Cover Letter

(as submitted to WLA, errors and all)

33-29 58 STREET

Dear Miss Dr. Day,

A friend from the rec.guns group gave me you're name and adress and said I should
write to you and maybe you will publish me. I have written a book
which is sure to be a bestseller if only the people in power who want to
suppress it will give it a chance. I have never published anhything before and I don't know
anythign about it but some of my frineds on the email and stuff read it and they say its
really good and since steven king and all that other crap is out there there
should be some writer out there who is not afraid to tell the truth. I think you will find that I am that

Its a true story but I changed the names because people who read it are
going to be upset but only the people who deserve to be upset. Aslo some of the stuff didnt
happen to me but it did happen to friends of mine so it still is true just different people.Its
a story of a young girl growing up in COnn. who gets laughed at and stuff but then she
finds a group of friends who doesn't laugh at her anymore. They teach her how to shoot guns and
she ends up beating the best boy in class at target shooting so he gets mad and
rapes her. But then her friends who are in a militia break into his
house when he's asleep and beat him up and she gets her revenge and no
one laughs at her anymore. Plus theres lots of good Bible stuff in
there because people don't read the Bible enough which is probably why
the world is so screwed up. But I don't really SAY read the Bible
because I know people don't like that. I just have the main character
read her Bible and follow its teachings.

Even though I am signing my name I wnat to use a penname of K.
Rothschild because there are some guys who won't listen to me just
because I'm a woman but they do listen to me if they think I'm a man
instead of a woman. They think I'm a man on rec.guns because I don't
sign my full name. Anyway tell me what you think and I'll go by you're
decision. I get letters to the editor published sometime but sometimes
they send them back and tell me the paper's to full but you know their
lying. If you could publish me that would be great but you have to be
someone who's not afraid of the

Thank-you for you're time

Kiki Rothschild

p.s. I have an SASE you can use to write back to me, I'll put it in
the envelope.

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