Abuse of Usenet: Spam, Forged Postings and One Example

There is a growing trend of abuse of Usenet, including spam on newsgroups and the use of forgeries to harass innocent people. This page describes Usenet jargon for those not used to it. It also tells you how to detect many common forms of email address forgery; who to tell if you have seen spam or a forgery; where to go if you have been harassed/stalked online; and how to protect yourself against forgery.

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  • Example of Usenet Abuse: The Woodside Literary Agency
  • Background on Usenet - If the jargon here is new to you, reading this background article should help.
  • How to find and read Full Headers when sending a complaint to an ISP
  • How to tell a forged email address - A tutorial on how to detect most forms of forged email addresses in news postings.

  • CyberSnitch Headquarters
  • SpamCop
  • Who to tell about Spam/forging
  • What to do if you encounter spam or forgery.
  • Fight Spam on the Internet!
  • Join the Fight Against Spam!
  • How to protect yourself - A brief tutorial on signing email messages, including how to use pgp.
  • Tutorial for Unix users on how to use procmail to reduce your chances of being Email-bombed, provided by Zach Babayco.
  • If you've been harassed, stalked or otherwise abused online, contact:

    Follow me to W.H.O.A.

    CyberSnitch Headquarters
    NCIS Safekids!
    Stop Net Abusers Home Page
    Operation Blue Ridge Thunder!

    Courtesy of Netcom's Abuse Department:

    A few more interesting sites you should check out:


    The Children's Protection & Advocacy Coalition


    Urban Legends and Folklore

    National Fraud Information Center

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