The Photo Phoenix Spams

This example shows spam from a company called "Photo Phoenix International." Not only is the user name forged, but the snail mail address and phone number are the same as the one used by the "Woodside International Literary Agency."

NOTE: This spam have been left as it appeared on the hundreds of newsgroups it was posted to.

Subject: Attention/Photographers
Newsgroups: rec.puzzles.crosswords
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 05:59:27
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
Lines: 47
Message-ID: <6f5bnq$>

We are a New York based international photo agency representing professional 
and amateur photographers in search of having their work promoted in order to 
conduct their profession or hobby minus the time consuming inconvenience of 
presenting and selling their own work.
   You do not have to be a professional photographer to sell your photographic 
work successfully, and as any pro will tell you, quite often throughout history 
an amateur stumbles on a scene that he or she photographs and ends up with a 
photo that becomes a classic. Those who publish magazines, books, newspapers, 
greeting cards, record albums, or just about anyone who works with images in 
their profession, are in desperate need of fresh material, and are more than 
willing to review photos submitted by professional photo representatives. 
Sometimes the photos of amateurs are sought after more so than professionals 
because of accidental originality and innovative themes.
   At Photo Phoenix International, we delight in and value the work of people 
who view photography as a fine art and understand a photo representative's 
significance in terms of a photographer's career, reputation, and monetary gain.
   The photos we are seeking are some of the following;

   Whether your work portrays conservative, experimental, stylish, or
innovative themes, your project proposal should be well thought out before 
submitting to us.

   For first contact, please submit a query letter and "SAMPLES ONLY" of your photos. 
You must include  "2" self addressed, stamped envelops--one for correspondence, the 
other for the return of your material should we not be interested.
   If we think your work is sellable, we will respond as quickly as possible.
Do not send entire portfolio unless we ask for it.

Send to:

Photo Phoenix International
<33-29 Fifty Eight Street>

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