Capital PC User Group (CPCUG) Wednesday, April 1, 1998 Internet Special Interest Group (SIG) April 1998 Meeting *** Note instructions at end of note for self-service mailing list including retrieving NETSIG-L email!!! Topic: Privacy and Protection on the Internet Speakers: Jayne Hitchcock and Ray Everett-Church Date: **Tuesday**, April *7*, 1998, 7 pm Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia *** Note changed date because of meeting room unavailability *** It's easier than you think to impersonate someone on the Internet. Jayne Hitchcock knows this from firsthand experience. What would you do if you found out your name, home phone number and home address were in hundreds of newsgroup postings from "you" offering sex? Hitchcock explains what happened to her, how she fought back, and how you, your friends and family can try to prevent the same thing from happening to you. Ray Everett-Church will speak about the state of the law regarding public postings (USENET), related privacy interests, the law of privacy in general and online. He'll also address commercial use of personal information and discuss one of the companies he works with which seeks to help individuals receive "royalties" for such use. He also offers a "spam" song and dance, addressing status of legislation, status of "self-regulation" efforts, etc. He volunteers to be the token attorney pontificating on sticky legal issues. Speaker biographies: Jayne Hitchcock, author of six books about Okinawa and Japan, freelances for several print and online publications, including BIBLIO, Mangajin, Periodical (a military history quarterly), ATHENA (web) and Tsuushin (Bilingual Informational Magazine for Okinawa, Japan, and the World). She is on the faculty of the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) in the Computer Applications Department for the basic and advanced Internet courses and workshops and speaks regularly at UMUC. Jayne is writing a book detailing her experiences with an online harasser entitled _Stalked on the Internet: One Woman's Nightmare_. Ray Everett-Church is an attorney and consultant for internet providers such as America Online and CompuServe. He is Co-Founder of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email and helped draft the legislation that later became HR 1748, "The Netizens Protection Act of 1997." Last Fall, the New York Times "CyberTimes" profiled him as one of the most influential proponents of responsible Internet Commerce. A graduate of the George Washington Univ. Law School, he lives in Washington, D.C. *** Meeting location: Washington Gas Light Auditorium 6801 Industrial Road Springfield, VA Directions: Industrial Road is in the Shirley Industrial Park. It intersects Backlick Road between the Beltway and Edsall Road. Other CPCUG SIGs such as Virginia, Multimedia, and OS/2 meet or have met here occasionally. From DC Take 14th Street Bridge Continue with I395 directions Beltway Inner Take I395 North Loop (North) Continue with I395 directions I395: Take Exit 2, Edsall Road (Route 648) West Turn left on Backlick Road (Route 617) After approx. .7 mile turn left on Industrial Road Enter Washington Gas Light parking lot on right after passing sign with white lettering on black background, at sign "Payment Depository" Beltway Outer Take Exit 5, Braddock Road (Route 620) East Loop (South) After approx. 1.8 miles, turn right on Backlick Road (Route 617) After approx. .7 mile turn left on Industrial Road Enter Washington Gas Light parking lot on right after passing sign with white lettering on black background, at sign "Payment Depository" Metro We need a volunteer to help people get between Metro and Internet SIG meetings. Please contact Gabe Goldberg at if you're available for shuttle duty using any Metro station near the meeting site. DC (Van Ness) Harold Goldstein drives from Northwest DC near Van Ness to most meetings; email ( or call (202-966-9091) him to arrange a ride. Comfort note: The Washington Gas Light auditorium is often surprisingly cold. If you're sensitive to chilly surroundings, dress warmly or in layers, or bring a sweater or a companion. *** SIG News*** To encourage prompt arrivals and a vigorous discussion period from 7 to 8 pm, at least one major raffle prize will be awarded to people at the SIG meeting by 7:15 pm. We reserve the right to discontinue distributing raffle tickets at that time, so that the only way to win prizes will be to attend the pre-presentation discussion! Among regular prizes offered are books from O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. , Internet access from Millkern/CPCUG and and occasional gifts from Microsoft . In addition, Advanced Computer Creations donates a prize of up to two hours free in-shop PC consulting/support. An occasional new prize being offered is a subscription to Internet World magazine, donated by Interactive Development Corporation . Watch for last-minute email notices sent to the Internet SIG mailing list regarding weather-related changes and cancellations! These will be accurate and may supercede information printed in CPCUG's magazine, The Monitor, or posted elsewhere. If you attend Internet SIG meetings, it's worth subscribing to ensure hearing late-breaking news! Internet SIG meetings begin with audience introductions and a general question/answer dialogue. This is an opportunity to discuss Internet triumphs achieved, information/resource treasures found, or mysteries to be resolved. Internet novices are most welcome. We encourage grizzled Internauts to help novices gain expertise by answering questions in complete sentences consisting primarily of English words. After meetings, dedicated Internauts seek a late dinner. Join us for a friendly meal and personal networking! We've added planning and organization to dinners -- Keith Bennet collects names, counts noses, and makes a restaurant reservation, so that SIG members can dine together at a large table. Contact Keith via email (preferred) at or by phone at (301) 871-7696 before 3 pm on meeting day. We'll survey the SIG meeting for additional diners, and Keith will call the restaurant at about 8 pm, just before the presentation starts. *** Future SIG Meetings -- Note dates of meetings! *** Topic: Politics Online: From the Campaign Trail to Nobel Peace Prize Speaker: Dan Solomon Date: **Thursday**, May 14, 1998, 7 pm Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia Internet technologies are changing ways to influence government action, campaign for public office, and set the public agenda. In this presentation, successes and failures of early efforts to use Internet technologies for political communication will be identified and analyzed. In addition, the presentation will preview online efforts of the 1998 campaigns and beyond -- looking for the first campaign that can say "we won online." Speaker biography: Dan Solomon is Vice President of Net.Capitol, Inc. of Washington, DC which produces Internet-based tools and services for public affairs and political organizations. Dan has worked with several political news organizations to expand their use of the Internet. Dan is also the founder of the Politics Online Conference, which is the premier event for political communication professionals who are integrating new technologies. Dan has worked in senior positions on Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch and in state-wide political campaigns. --- Topic: New Communication Technologies Speaker: Laura Knapp and Tom Hadley, IBM Date: **Thursday**, June 11, 1998, 7 pm Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia Each new communication protocol (e.g., 14.4 and 28.8 Kb modems, ISDN, xDSL) is followed quickly by a yet-newer architecture (e.g., cable modems, power company facilities, wireless modems) each of which promises to meet business and home requirements. Where does it end? Where are we now, and what are current practical and cost-effective technologies? What communications tools should we expect to see in the near future? This presentation will provide information on newer and future basic technologies, status of their trials, and their potential impact on home and business users. The discussion will focus on social and support issues as well as technology. --- Topic: Domain Name Services (DNS) Architecture, the Internet's Glue Speaker: David Boyes Date: **Thursday**, July 9, 1998, 7 pm Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia --- Topic: Things People Do To Screw Up Their Web Sites Speaker: Catherine Buzzell Date: **Thursday**, August 13, 1998, 7 pm (tentative date) Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia --- Topic: Intelligent Internet Agents for Personal and Professional Use Speaker: Scott Nettleship, IBM Date: **Thursday**, September 10, 1998, 7 pm Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia Intelligent Agents is an emerging technology that is sometimes hype and sometimes practical reality. IBM's Knowledge Management Services team offers a broad portfolio of agent-related problem-solving technologies in areas such as personalizing applications, user interaction with agents, knowledge management, Internet assistants and agent learning. This presentation will describe existing IBM technology for agents, how it is being applied, problems being solved, and agent technology futures. Speaker biography: Scott Nettleship. in IBM's Knowledge Management Services Area, has worked with agent technology for more than two years. Scott previously worked on one of IBM's mainframe operating systems as a developer and planner for 12 years. As a programmer, Scott works with Java, C++ and IBM Assembler languages. He has been presenting to IBM customers and user groups for more than 12 years in North America and Europe. Scott has a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Rutgers University and an M.S. in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Binghamton. --- Topic: Mapping on the Internet Speaker: Ann Shack, President, MapSys Date: **Thursday**, October 8, 1998, 7 pm (tentative date) Location: Washington Gas Light Corporation, Springfield, Virginia *** Internet SIG Information and Email Mailing List *** Questions? Send Gabe Goldberg email at The Internet SIG's LISTSERV email mailing list is hosted by America Online. This allows self-service registration and subscription maintenance. To subscribe to SIG mailings, send email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM containing the line SUBSCRIBE NETSIG-L You will receive a simple request to confirm your subscription. After confirmation, you will receive a few email notes each month regarding Internet SIG business. The list does not allow subscriber postings. To unsubscribe, send email to the above address containing the line SIGNOFF NETSIG-L For information on LISTSERV commands, send email to the above address containing the line HELP For information on files available to NETSIG-L subscribers, send email to the above address containing the line INDEX NETSIG-L You will receive a list of filenames, including monthly archives of email sent to NETSIG-L subscribers. If you've mistakenly purged a note or want to review information, send email to the above address containing line(s) like GET NETSIG-L xxxxxxx where xxxxxxx is a filename you want, requesting archive(s) for month(s) in which the email was sent. *** End ***