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  4. Subject: woodside literary agency
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  13. I wholehearted support woodside literary agency, I GOT PUBLISHED!!!
    so I don't know what all the fuss is about. jayne, and all those that
    support her, I think are liars.

  14. dave

Note that #7, the "FROM" line, is an anonymous address, which can be obtained through an anonymous remailing service. Although not illegal, these types of remailers are frowned upon by the general net community, as it allows people to post and send messages that could be harmful without knowing where they came from. . .unless, of course, you have friends who know how to read the headers and can figure it out.

Note on lines 9 and 10 the reference to "" This means the message originated from a relay point (see footnote at bottom) in New York, where Woodside's main "office" is located.
Note the body of the message, #13 is badly worded, a common Woodside trait.
Then the use of the email address at the end of the message (#15) is a real person's address. This poor guy had no clue what was going on when he was emailed with questions about why he posted this message. He was not a happy camper about this situation.

After much bantering back and forth on misc.writing, many speculated that it was indeed Woodside who posted this message. Why? We just don't know.

As one supporter of Hitchcock's noted in a reply on misc.writing:

"I am 100% certain (it is Woodside who posted this). I have exchanged email with the person who's mail address is on the note. They were unaware of the existence of the note. They have complained to the abuse addresses mentioned earlier.

I have also forwarded the note to Jayne's lawyer, on the off chance that it may be useful, and to the n.a.n-a.u* newsgroup for action."

*n.a.n-a.u =

Footnote about is what's known as a nymserver, and is publicly accessible for the purpose of sending and/or receiving e-mail anonymously. It can also be interfaced with a mail-to-news gateway to post anonymously to usenet. It is in no way run by Woodside.
Clarification sent in by "Macker"

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